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If your business or community is located in the Glebe Business and Community Precinct as defined by the City of Sydney as the area bound by Rozelle and Blackwattle Bays in the north, Wattle Street in the east, Broadway and Parramatta Road in the south and Mallett Street, Booth Street, Wigram Road, the Stormwater Channel and The Crescent in the west, as diplayed on the map.

You can join the business and community website, via these steps:

Create an Account

Businesses and Communities groups are required to create an account prior to registration:

1. Register for an account using your email address.
2. Create a password.


1. Sign - In and under your user name select "Add Business"
2. Businesses can select a subscription option. The subscription details what services and features of the web site you will have access to.
3. Complete your transaction using paypal credit card option.
4. Once your business is registered*, complete the additional information to list your business.
5. Use the Spotlight to highlight stories or offers from your business and Events to post events your business is hosting.

*Businesses are reviewed by the Glebe Chamber of Commerce - as per T&C you agreed to when registering your business.


A community is defined as any group of people who have a common interest around a specific topic, any sporting group operating in the Glebe Precinct or any educational service operating in the Glebe Precinct.

1. Sign - In and under your user name select "Add Community"
2. Complete the additional information and submit your Community. All communities are reviewed by the Glebe Chamber of Commerce prior to activation on the website.
3. Once your community is activated the user who created it can add spotlights (Blog like stories) or events. All spotlights and events are reviewed to ensure they are appropriate and approved by the Glebe Chamber of Commerce.