Drug Free Ambassors

Monique Wright
Categories: Community

The Drug Free Ambassadors Australia was established in 1993. We are a charitable not-for-profit organisation under the Department of Family and Commuity Services' Harm Prevention Register.

Since 1993 we have distributed over 2.5 million drug education booklets and fliers to young people all over Australia and over 400,000 young Australians have taken a drug-free pledge as part of getting educated about drugs. We were initially established to meet the growing demand for drug education which members of Scientology churches and other volunteer organisations have been conducting for more than 20 years. We hand out booklets on a one-on-one basis on the streets, at markets, fairs, festivals and in shops. We also make bulk copies available to community and educational groups. Many people now also access the material online, including watching the videos. 

Our materials are all printed and produced through generous donations and we use volunteers from many different professions to distribute the booklets and DVDs.

In 2007, we partnered with the Foundation for a Drug Free World, which runs the largest drug education program in the world and we utilise their drug education materials, tailored specifically for Australia. We can also access educational materials in 16 languages including Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian. More are currently being translated including Korean, Malaysian, Thai, Tagalog and Sri-Lankan. They also have a complete drug educaiton lesson plan now available online and for download onto smart phones and iPads and tablets.

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