Glebe Social Justice Learning Lab

Elaine Fishwick
Categories: Community , Learn

The Glebe Social Justice Learning Lab (GSJLL) is a pilot program aiming to build on the work of the Glebe Community Development Project with the Glebe community over the past 12 years. The GSJLL is based on reciprocity between community members and the University (students and staff). It signifies the University’s commitment to provide students opportunities to learn in a “real world” context and to contribute to positive social change.

The Lab presently focuses on housing justice for people currently locked out of affordable, secure and appropriate housing in Inner Sydney. Addressing the housing “crisis” is understood as a “wicked problem”, where we understand wicked problems as those that require coordinated, creative and integrated thinking from a range of disciplinary perspectives. Participating students of the GSJLL will aim to work alongside the existing strengths and resources identified within the Glebe community to develop creative ways of engaging with debates concerning housing justice through specific projects, including workshop delivery and website development.

Selected senior undergraduate and Masters students from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Law, and the Faculty of Education and Social Work will have the opportunity of learning in a community-based context about the strengths and challenges of everyday life for those seeking housing justice.

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