The Glebe Street Fair had a ridiculous range of sweet treats, divine desserts, lascivious lunches and salacious snacks this year, with a kilometre of stalls flanked by our everyday heroes. Visitors were simply salivating at the prospect of stuffing themselves silly on cuisine from all around the world.


Yum! 19 years after it first opened Mountain Goat can be found all over Australia as well as overseas. We were proud to have such a tasty beverage as the major sponsor at our Block Party bar. So why Mountain Goat?? Well, a mountain goat is a big hairy animal that's never going to fall over. That's sure(footed) enough for us!


Also featured were PaperMill - Fresh Asian Kitchen. They are the creator of the Spurrito - A spring roll burrito. They start off with rice paper, crisp vegetables, rice noodles and most importantly, fresh meat!


Another colourful display was presented by Pudding Lane. They began as a home-based family business and over the years has proudly and with a constant dedication and devotion to quality become Australia's finest producer of the traditional "boiled-in-the-cloth" Christmas Pudding.


Bet you're hungry now!

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Images by Prema Photo 



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