At this years Glebe Street Fair we welcomed back the infamous Glebe's Greatest Waiter Race! The Glebe Street Fair Waiters Race is a fun race but also an intimidating challenge to find out who is the most skilled waiter in Glebe! Commentated by the most entertaining, super duper MC comedian and story-teller Phil Spencer made the atmosphere that bit more intense and exciting.

This years race consisted of 10 participants split up into 2 heats, then each winner and runner up made the finals. In our first heat all contestants were given a tray holding one full glass of wine (red water) and one full bottle of wine (also red water) - as they begun the race and manouvered around certain obstacles, they made their way to a table at the halfway point to retrieve a plate and cutlery to place on their tray. Once they had successfully completed that task it was a race to the finish line.

In the first heat Peter Le Brenton from Tinello came in first and Angus Davison from Mano Espresso came in second, and in our second heat we had Luka Bozic from Messina come in first, with a close second being Aden Gilleland also from Mano Espresso. 

For our final race we decided to throw a spanner in the works and have a relay styled heat. To begin, the contestants started at our make-shift kitchen where Kris Span from the Works - our 'Angry Chef' - was stationed, with a table cloth in hand ready to begin the process of setting a table.

Once the tablecloth was successfully placed on the table contestants had to race back to the kitchen and collect plates and cuttlery, once that was set they were given an order by a 'customer' which then had to be repeated to our Angry Chef. If that was repeated correctly they then could contiue on against the clock, collecting bills and exchanging appropriate change before the final race to the finish line. 

Winning this years Waiter Race was Peter Le Brenton from Tinello which recently opened at The Valhalla. 

Overall the race was a great success; with help from the Glebe Chamber, Phil Specer, Sydney TAFE students and of course our amazing participants this race would ot have been as amazing as it was.

Check out the amazing shots taken by Prema Photos on the day here. 

We hope to see you all next year, and don't forget to limber up because you may be the next Glebes Greatest Waiter.