To our members, community, residents and visitors of Glebe,

On behalf of the Glebe Chamber of Commerce we would like to extend a heart-felt thankyou to everyone who has contributed to a huge 2016.

Together, we ran two critically acclaimed dining events, with ten local restaurants participating. We also had seven local venues get involved in a day of live music. We utilised seven local businesses to put on a stimulating series of networking nights. We reached over 250,000 people digitally with quality original content about Glebe. We built two new Parklets with a world-first design and of course we attracted 110,000 people to celebrate at the Glebe Street Fair. We also have so many small projects, read here for the full run down!

Unfortunately, this immense success does not correlate to support for operational funding. Due to a change in funding arrangements and policy at City of Sydney Council the Chamber is no longer able to run many of its major projects.

The Chamber has had to make the tough decision to close the office as we do not have the resources to properly support a staff member or shared space. Instead, we will use 2017 as an opportunity to focus on advocacy, building organisational resilience, and concentrating on just three core projects: the Parklet program, Networking Events & So please bear with us as we transition into this new phase, and understand that it may take a while for our volunteers to get back to you. If you would like to contribute to any of these projects, please drop us a line at

Stay tuned for further details.

Onwards and upwards!

Team Glebe



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