The Glebe Chamber and this site have been largely dormant for a year  - but now we're re-establishing ourselves as an effective business association with a number of events planned for later in the year.

Our first concern is hearing from you. We want to know what issues Glebe finds pressing and how we can best be an advocate for our members and the community. Let us know by either joining the site, at the email below or through Facebook message.

We apologise for the recent gaps in communication - our current members are all volunteers with busy lives of their own and have been focused on navigating the complexities of the new funding process for the past few months. We will be re-establishing a monthly newsletter and you can expect to hear from us with other announcements as and when they occur. 

We'd like to remind members that they can write spotlight stories on this website, showcasing their business or event. We have exciting plans for 2018, and if you have questions or would like to be involved please contact us at or through Facebook.

We hope to hear from you soon!



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