Staves Brewery is a hidden gem of ale'y goodness, hidden in the back streets of Glebe. Staves is dedicated to crafting small-scale brews. Their ales are brewed on site using a grass roots brewery set up. 

Name: Steve Drissell

Venue: Staves Brewery

Location: 4-8 Grose St, Glebe

1. What is Staves Brewery? Staves foremostly is a place to taste and experience the beauty in independent craft beer, a craft beer venue which will organically grow over time.  A brewery behind the bar will be up and running soon, as will a pizza kitchen and live music program.

2. How long has it been in Glebe? Staves opened on the 23rd October 2015.

3. What does community mean to you? it's about sharing the same space as one another for a snapshot of time because we want to be there. It's about bringing people together, mutual respect, and enjoying life.

4. Tell us about your plans for involvement in the Glebe live music scene? live music has always been a part of what I intended for Staves, and as a drummer playing gigs around Sydney, I'm sure this is exactly the sort of initiative Sydney needs. Staves is happy to be supporting passionate creative and entrepreneurial people having a go.

5. How important are community events in Glebe? This is a great opportunity to show people what a great suburb Glebe is and can be. An event like this helps give small businesses the opportunity to become better and offer more.

6. What is your favourite style of music? Over the years, I've been into many different styles but always come back to my first love, rock

7. What are you currently listening too? The Kooks

Staves Brewery



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