Mitchell Street will be home to the Glebe Street Fair’s Demonstration Area - a place to catch some of the most interesting artists around.

At 10:00am Mark Eliott will show us the unique and impressive world of glass blowing in a live demonstration. Glass blowers use a pipe to literally blow a bubble made out of molten glass. It’s a precise art form and is truly hypnotic to watch a ball of molten glass be transformed into a sculpture. Eliott is a glass master who has his work exhibited in the Glass Artists’ Gallery. He creates sculptures ranging from animals and people, to the abstract. All his works become even more impressive once you see how intricate the creation process can be.

At 1:00pm we swap glass for clay as the folks down at show us how they sculpt clay into anything from sculptures, to bowls and vases. is an artist initiative here in Glebe to support all clay-based dreams. There has been a lot of love for clay over recent years and has enabled people to explore this tactile and fascinating art form. Make sure you see these phenomenal pottery professionals at work.

Move over glass and clay, because at 3:00pm Mitchell Street is going to see something quite special. Eveleigh Works is home to artisanal blacksmiths who, according to the Smithsonian Institute, have “the largest and most integral collection of Victorian blacksmithing equipment, in terms of integrity and extent known in the western world”. The workshop originally opened in 1887 to service steam locomotives but now houses some of Australia’s best blacksmiths. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see an old manufacturing method be transformed into an art form. 

Another area to keep your eye out for is Foley Park. Here you’ll find some of the Fair’s more intriguing events. 



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