The City of Sydney wants to hear from you!

Join them next Monday morning as they discuss the future and develop the Sydney 2050 plan:

Sydney 2050 for Business

What will Sydney be like for the business community in 2050?

We’re creating a plan for our city to 2050 so we can meet the ongoing and future needs of our communities. The plan will build on our existing strategy, Sustainable Sydney 2030, which drives all that we do to be a green, global and connected city.

In 2050... What will consumers want? What will our workforce look like? How will technology shape the way we do business? Who will our customers be? What will attract visitors to our city?

Prepare to be inspired by three future-thinking speakers, followed by an interactive & collaborative workshop where we explore the future of main streets, changes in consumer habits and workforce, how Sydney will be positioned globally and the crucial link between economic prosperity & community wellbeing.

If you're a business owner or operator in the City's local government area, you're invited to attend.
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