We’re getting to know more about the businesses that operate in Glebe and Forest Lodge, and we need your help. The Glebe Chamber of Commerce is setting out to shed some light on the challenges faced by local businesses – and the solutions.

We’re asking for Businesses all over the 2037 postcode to fill out a quick questionnaire as the final phase in a twelve-month research project, made possible by a generous grant from the City of Sydney.

Our goal is to discover the challenges, trends and factors that affect businesses in this suburb and how we, as the local business association, can empower you to navigate them. This survey will be the launch point for initiatives and advocacy in the year to come.

The final report, compiled from this survey and The Chamber’s other research, will be available in August. Completing the survey gives you the opportunity to receive a copy of the report early. All information is kept completely confidential.

Click here to take part in the 2019 Business Survey



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