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Margot Rawsthorne
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The University’s Camperdown/Darlington Campus sits in the middle of a diverse community of villages including Redfern, Chippendale, Newtown and Glebe. Along with neighbouring universities, a major teaching hospital and other vocational and training institutions, this unique part of Sydney has developed into a precinct for enquiring minds, vibrancy and creativity. It features a thriving arts and cultural scene and is home to a proud Indigenous community. It is also an area of significant disadvantage, with some of Sydney’s poorest communities living alongside areas of considerable wealth. The University aims to deepen our ties with our immediate neighbours, and conversations have begun with them about how best to do this in a way that takes local advantage of our work in research and education, and builds trust between the University and those with whom it shares this part of Sydney. The Glebe Community Development Project is a practical platform for students to participate in local civic and community projects (Sydney University White Paper).
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